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Boutique Kiteshop

Vivez votre passion! Live your Passion!





Located at the heart of the beautiful Baskatong reservoir, our shop is part of a family owned tourist complex called Les Camps Touristiques La Pointe à David Inc. We have over 200+ campsites, 25 waterfront cottages, and an inn with 10 rooms and 12 fully equipped suites.    


     For decades, our passion has been watersports. Back in the 1980’s, when windsurfing was a hit among watersports enthusiasts, our shop was born. We are situated on a peninsula on Baskatong reservoir which is the perfect place for wind sports. We receive almost every direction of wind year round. Customers can also enjoy fishing together with their families, take your stand-up-paddle for a glide on a calm summer morning, or rip on the water kiteboarding when the wind picks up! As kiteboarding became more and more popular and easier to travel with, we made the switch from windsurfing to kiteboarding. The ever evolving sport of kiteboarding combines our earths elements with the spirit of our body & mind. A sense of relaxation and peacefulness is experienced being pulled by natures forces. 


Whatever the type of kiteboarding you are into, we have you covered at Boutique Kiteshop!  See you on the water! 


Here is a video that explains very clearly what kiteboarding is as a sport and the many different water sports it combines together. Kiteboarding can be very fun and safe for a large spectrum of people, but can also be very dangerous!! It is crucial for new beginners to take lessons with certified instructors before starting their journey into kiteboarding. Always, please be safe and enjoy the ride!!   

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